Manufacturing Engineering

Imagine a sudden change in design specification which needs to be reflected on the shop floor, preferably yesterday. It makes no difference whether we are talking about a single NC machine, complete machining line, or manual, automatic, or hybrid assembly lines, disruptions like product changes and new product introductions (NPI) impact manufacturing productivity. The good news is that the more prepared you are the less time is spent ramping up production and training people for new tasks. Integrated product design and manufacturing process planning ensure smooth NPI while utilizing CAM enables preparation and validation (by simulation) of NC programs for changes or new parts without a need to stop ongoing production.

Process planning

Integrated manufacturing process planning in Teamcenter® gives planners the visibility to product engineering and helps them start their work earlier than traditionally. This leads to a shift-left phenomenon where more change needs are identified at an earlier stage resulting in lower change cost, better end-product quality, and eventually faster and smoother production ramp-up. Enriching the process with a measured duration of different process steps and tasks, and visualizing the process as a Gantt chart helps to balance and streamline the process, even when you manufacture configurable products with configurable processes.

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Many machine shops face increasing pressures from shrinking lead times. “Everyone wants everything tomorrow.”  NX CAM can offer tools for this core need in the form of sophisticated design and planning tools. Program any job using modern manufacturing design capabilities, and using the best working methods in the house it's possible to achieve a more streamlined process that enables the company to go more quickly from CAD part model to NC programming to NC-simulation and to verifying the machining plan to shorten the ramp-up time on the shop floor.

The digital twin of machine setup, including fixtures, tooling, clamps, and other items makes programming multi-axis and channels machines farm easier and safer. 

To find out more about NX CAM and what kind of service solution suits your company, please contact us and let our professionals help you.  

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Additive Manufacturing

The increased flexibility and design freedom that additive manufacturing offers, gives you the opportunity to change the way you imagine products, how you produce them, and even the way you do business. However, taking full advantage of additive manufacturing has its challenges. Multiple applications are typically needed for design, simulation, and manufacturing. Often they are disconnected and don’t work together.

With Siemens end-to-end additive manufacturing solution, the process from design to final part is seamlessly integrated within the same user interface, using a common data format. NX product engineering solution enables generative design by utilizing Convergent Modeling Technology, which is key to create designs that are best suited for additive manufacturing. With Simcenter 3D, the design and print process can be validated virtually, thus avoiding costly physical prototypes. Whether powder bed fusion or directed energy deposition is the process of choice, NX CAM provides print preparation for a wide range of additive manufacturing machines.

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Electronic Work Instructions

The so-called Internet-generation is coming to an age where they start to populate workplaces while the older generation is stepping back to enjoy their spoils. But the thing is that Gen Z has grown with digital aids, devices and apps. So how do you train them and instruct their work? By paper drawings? Sorry to tell you, but that’s not going to happen. Electronic Work Instructions or EWI is what Gen Z is expecting – rich, visual, and interactive, yet equipped with intuitive user experience. Instead of 2D projections, there is a 3D model that can be rotated, examined, and measured. Instead of pages, long parts list only the parts needed for the specific task are presented with the tools and other resources required. Top that with a direct feedback loop to engineering via change request, which takes advantage of the most popular mobile device app ever, the camera. Put these all together and Gen Z is good to go.

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