Industrial Automation

From integrated drives and smart controllers to innovative PLM software

The industry is right on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. Automation is being followed by the digitalization of production. The goal: an increase in productivity, efficiency, speed, and quality, resulting in higher competitiveness for companies on their way to the future of the industry. Here you will find our comprehensive offering for automation technology and digitalization for both discrete and process industries. 

What a Digital Enterprise is made of?

To help customers leverage the potentials of Industry 4.0. We offer guidance and solutions that comprise the core elements of the Digital Enterprise. With the scalable solutions, companies in the discrete and process industries can invest in Industry 4.0 to become completely and comprehensively digitalized across the entire value chain.

Digital end-to-end solutions for discrete and process industries 

We are your gateway to automation and the Digital Twin for process industries and discrete industries 

The Digital Twin is of great use for the process industry in order to optimize continuous and batch processes, and to increase flexibility and efficiency. It’s an integrated data model that comprises the value chain and the entire plant lifecycle. It can be created for existing plants as well. 
The Digital Twin for discrete industries (manufacturing companies and machine building) makes it possible to plan the entire manufacturing process in a fully virtual environment. From designing the layout to visualizing material flows and possible bottlenecks on to simulating the PLC code for the automation hardware, this ultimately leads to virtual commissioning that helps to test and optimize new production lines and machines in order to reduce time, effort, and risk for the real commissioning. 


The Digital twin in machine building and manufacturing companies 

The Digital Twin in process industry 



Within Industrial Automation we provide guidance and services within the following areas  

  • Purchasing Guidance 

  • Project Management 

  • VDA 

  • Standardization 

  • Production Optimization 

  • Technical Solutions Guidance / Best Practice Guidance 

    • Engineering Systems 

    • System Layout 

    • ISA-95 

    • DCS Systems 

    • HMI/SCADA Systems 

    • Automation Systems 

    • Maintenance Systems 

    • Data Logging 

    • Data Analyzation 

    • System Integration 

    • MES/MOM Integration 

    • Industrial IT Security 

    • Machine Safety 

    • Process Safety 

  • Simulation 

    • Layout Design

    • Material Flows

    • Bottlenecks

    • Performance

    • Capacity 

    • Digital Twins 

    • Virtual Commissioning 


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